• Master Accounts
    You do not mind sharing your profitable bitcoin trading strategy with other traders? Would you like to receive a share of profit from everyone, who uses it?
  • Follower Accounts
    Too busy to follow bitcoin exchange rate, analyse market and learn all the tricks of digital currency trading? There is still a chance for you to make money from bitcoin! How about using a strategy of a professional and experienced crypto currency trader?
  • About PAMM Technology
    Investors and professional Managers in the Forex currency exchange market have been making profit using PAMM for several years. For the first time in the bitcoin industry xBTCe makes PAMM available for crypto traders!

xBTCe PAMM Service

PAMM Technology is another way for you to make money by investing into Bitcoin trading. PAMM technology allows a trader to open a "Follower" Account and follow a trading strategy of another professional and experienced bitcoin trader (Master).

The Master's trading results are published on the PAMM Account monitoring page.

Using PAMM Account rating, charts and feedback from other traders you can easily tackle the tough task of selecting a successful and professional Master to follow.

The Master needs to create an Offer, so that Follower account holders could accept it and start following the Master’s strategy. An Offer specifies the minimum deposit amount, Master’s remuneration, deposit and withdrawal fees and other conditions of cooperation between a Master and a Follower account holder.

The Master uses his own capital for trading and trades via the Meta Trader 4 terminal. And his trading strategy is replicated on the Follower Account.

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